Friday, November 5, 2010

Boo! My Best Pal!

A Couple of weeks ago I lost my best Pal!
Boo was a Great Pyrenees and he brought Joy to our home for 12 years.
Boo was loyal, protective, affectionate, just a pleasure to be around!
He could always bring a smile to my face just by being nearby.He loved to take a quiet nap in his favorite tub!
After moving the bathroom rug over to rest his chin on!

Boo loved his Birthday, and his Cupcakes!
He would wait patiently while the photos were taken....before digging in!

He loved to sit up on the Deck and survey his Domain!
No one was allowed to enter unchallenged!
Unless they received a nod from my wife or I, then they were a welcome guest!
Here is a favorite picture of the Big Boy with my little Granddaughter!
Boo was 135lbs, so Big, so Powerful.......yet so Gentle!
There are other wonderful Dogs out there I'm sure!
For me there will never be another BOO!

I hope he is waiting for me when my time comes!
Until then, I Love You Pal!

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